Pepper & Smoke is a simple, linear story made with twine – not so much of a game as it is a story with clickable parts. It is about a particular kind of person coming to terms with their past. While I hesitate to call it political, much of it is based on a series of events that occurred in my hometown within the past year.  

The story is "mostly true". The details are fictional, but it is a composite of many true events that had occurred to different people. For legal purposes, no further detail will be provided.

I hope you enjoy.


  • Play in fullscreen for a better experience~
  • About 7-8k words, depending on your choices. One play-through takes approximately 30-40 minutes, depending on how fast you read. 
  • No multimedia except for one photo near the ending.
  • Please read the "about" page in the game! Content warnings exist if you need them.
  • You can try playing this on mobile, but it will be quite difficult. Sorry!
  • This is a story you are helping me tell. Please do not worry – no choice you can make is wrong.


Thank you to my playtesters for dealing with me dropping them html files every three days and actually being able to write in English like normal people.

Thank you @storkvomit on for making the template that I used.

I don't own Szymborska's poetry (the epigraph).  I highly recommend you read some/buy a collection. I do own the photo(s). My photos are not so good, but you can look at some Pulitzer-winning photos (obviously not mine, graphic) about these events here

Thank you, the reader, for sharing this little story with me. Your engagement means a lot to me, and I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to do this. 

And, as always, 香港人加油,萬事小心. <3.


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Played/read your story, and it was a great one. It feels very real - and you indeed said it's "mostly true". Thank you for writing it~

To anyone else who finished once: one of the three endings is completely different from the other two, and is worth playing again for.

Minor nitpicks for the author:

* The intentional waits were a tiny bit annoying on the repeated playthroughs

* I'm not a native speaker, but I think the verbs used with gender-neutral 'they' should work in the same way as plural 'they'. For instance, "They doesn't notice you" should probably be "They don't ...". Same with "they hurriedly begins speaking". (


Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed the story~

In terms of typos/errors (especially singular verbs for the plural they), I've noticed quite a few over the last couple of months of feedback, and at some point when I'm done with a few current projects I'll go back and correct them.  The waits are annoying, I agree, and while I don't think I'll be removing them entirely I am looking for a way to make them skippable.

Thank you for playing!!